Cad Cam and Tooling Shop


HAAS make CNC Vertical Milling Machine Vertical with 20 Station ATC & Pneumatic clamping, Fanuc Clamping, Fanuc Cantrol for the machining of any type of  Die, high surface finish on Dies.

3D Design Solid Works Version
VISI CAM, Solid Words.
Various operations like Boring, Drilling,
Tapping, Milling, Engraving etc.


Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) Surface Grinding

Milling Vertical  

Quality Assurance

Tensile Testing Chemical Test Lab
Magnetic Crack Detector Chemical Test Lab
Hardness Testing Brinell Microscope

CNC Machine Shop

RISHABH has moved on with time and acquired advanced technology and equipment capable of producing highly critical precision components that meet the stringent specifications of the OEMS.
CNC Machining of Various Components Operations, Turning, Drilling, Threading etc.
The fact that RISHABH is a single Source suppliers for several critical components is the proof of the customer's confidence and trust. RISHABH has established its identity as a manufacture of ready to fit components of OEMS.

Equipment List

Forge Shop
  • Drop Hammer 2.5 Ton - 1No
  • Drop Hammer 2.0 Ton - 1No
  • Drop Hammer 1.5 Ton - 1No
  • Drop Hammer 1.0 Ton - 4No
  • Forging Press 2000 Ton
  • Screw Press
  • Shearing (Billlet Shear) Max. Dia 90mm
  • Bendsaw 175 x 175mm Res Billet
Testing & Inspection
  • Universal Tensile Tester
  • Hardness Tester
  • Magnetic / Ultrasonic Crack Detector
  • Microscope
  • Chemical Test Lab (Well Equipped)
  • Digital Height Gauges (Vernier, Micrometer, Z Setter, Gauges etc.)
Machining Shop
  • Turning & Machining Centre
  • CNC Turret Drilling
Die Shop
  • VMC Machining Centre CNC HAAS
  • EDM 's

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